I’m Finally Back…. Copenhagen, Denmark…December 2013

I really do have writings about all of my America travel (from Canada through the USA to the tip of Central America), but I am behind in photo editing and script editing. So, I have decided to not try and just do catch-up, but write of my current travels as I edit and publish my past travels. Here goes:

Europe here I come. Planned length of time here a year and a half. I left the USA the first week of December. But, not before falling over and on top of a giant Mastiff dog. I hurt my knee and was afraid I would have to postpone leaving. My couchsurfing host, Stephanie (a vet whose rescue Mastiff I flew over) suggested calling the airlines to get a wheelchair to go through the airport. I wasn’t sure about it, but no problem at all. I arrived way before departure time as it was an international flight and that is suggested. BUT, in a wheelchair with an employee pushing you get moved to the front of EVERYTHING. I was through the airport customs and sat right by the door to get to the plane. Once it was time to board the same employee showed up to wheel me in first and to my seat. WOW.

me in wheelchair bound for europeOnce on the plane I was amazed at what a great flight I was going to have to Copenhagen. I had booked on Norwegian Airlines a couple of weeks prior and was astonished at the price (so I have told EVERYONE I know about it). I flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Copenhagen for $181.00 (yep you read that correctly) and $35.00 for one piece of checked luggage. One way from Florida to Denmark for $216.00. I honestly was worried I was going to get to the airport and they were going to say, “Sorry there has been a mistake.”

They didn’t and I was on my way. New planes three sections wide, with full access to free movies, wifi, tv shows, games and a panel to tell you exactly where the plane was at any given time and how much time to landing down to the minute. AMAZING. It was by far the best plane ride I have ever enjoyed.

planeNext….my arrival and time in Copenhagen……

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4 Responses to I’m Finally Back…. Copenhagen, Denmark…December 2013

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy for you living free and happy. How is the weather?

  2. mags says:

    I just did that exact flight and felt the same way. I thought it might be a computer glitch!

  3. Eve says:

    I am not sick taking flights anymore because of my jet lag prevention, jetLAGFX . Nice article!


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