Mexico City with Its Noise and Culture…

I want to start by saying this has not been my favorite place of the many places I’ve visited. But I am willing to attribute it to several factors. For one I was tired from all the planning and getting to Mexico. Also I don’t have any real understanding of Mexico and trying to get from the airport to my host’s home as I mentioned in the previous post was a challenge. But besides all of this Mexico City is LOUD. From the noise to the colors. It is a lot to take in all at once and all by yourself.

I went out for lunch with my host’s parents and had a really nice first meal. Lots of things to learn in the food department here in Mexico. I did learn that it doesn’t have to be spicy. Thank goodness as I cannot handle spicy when I’m in my own country let alone trying to get used to the changes in food and too many chilies.

After a bit of very broken conversation due to large communication barriers with the family at their home, I went up to my host’s apartment to get settled in. I was tired so I just took a shower and got in bed to read for a while.

The next morning my host asked me if I was interested in going into the Center and going to some museums. I was definitely interested. So he took me. And, left me. He said he had to go back to do some work (This happened to be a lie as he went back to watch football and was too chauvinist to ask me if I liked football. He just assumed as a woman I didn’t.

I am glad that he didn’t stay. I was able to go where I wanted and do what I wanted which included going to many museums and taking lots of pictures.

Now I am going to finish with my discussion of my host and my time with him and tell you about Mexico City and all there is to do and see there and how to get around.

Next up the culture…

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