Way way to long since last post…

Seems that the last time I put up a live post was 5 months ago. This upsets me.

After I left New Orléans for Florida I was so haunted by my visits and what I had learned about the still ongoing aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and wanted to really try to put into words what my heart felt about all the sadness. As I was working on that post offline on my desktop I also wrote offline posts about what I was experiencing in Florida. I had about 5 offline posts and a plethora of pictures that I lost when I was burglarized.

I had everything that was with me taken. This is fine. I actually knew at some point stuff might be taken or lost and made sure I only have things with me that are replaceable. BUT, having it ALL taken at the same time was a bit overkill!

One of the real hassles of this (and there were several considering all my legal papers were among the stolen) was the frustration of my computer being taken as I have already mentioned.


I have finally replaced my computer and will be working on catching up, but until then I am going to start from Tuesday June 7, 2011, when I begin the next part of my journey, posting a blog AT LEAST once a week. This will make me happier!! Which is whats important right? HAHAHAHA…..

About Barefoot Lovey's Traveloge

A bit addicted to experiences! Loving life. Living free and happy!!!
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1 Response to Way way to long since last post…

  1. Caroline says:

    Despite your loss of everything you owned on your travels, it encourages me that you have such a forgiving spirit about this. When I met you in Spokane, I thought if this happened to me, how would I react? I was reminded that life does go on and it is not the end of the world when material things are lost forever. You are truly awesome!


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