Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, California

I LOVE this area of California. If I had been born to wealth this would be the place I would live! The beauty and the feel of this area is unmatched.

I went to Monterey for a few days the first of September. It was amazing. I had some of the best times I had my entire time in California. So it was no hard decision to go back on my last leg of the California Journey. I worked on the Blog for the Monterey HI Hostel so I had a comped place to stay. And had already made great friends with the staff so I couldn’t wait to get there.

First couple of days I spent hanging out with the staff and relaxing. Catching up on much needed sleep. Then I started exploring. I did lots of walks. I loved the walks to Lover’s Point. SO beautiful….One of my friends from SLO came to visit me. She asked me what I wanted to do. I said whatever you want. We talked and decided that the 17 mile scenic tour from Monterey through Pebble Beach and then Carmel is what we should do. She also knew of a place that had cheese tasting. She had a Port Wine that needed a good cheese so she would find out what their recommendations were. WELL, what a treat!!!!!

First we went to Pebble Beach. I wanted to take some pictures for my golfing friends, Louise and Pierre. I didn’t realize how much they paid to be on that course, but we got MANY a scenic picture without paying or golfing. Go us!!!! Seems to me that even if you were having an off golf day it would still be one of the best days because of the amazing views!

Pebble Beach, California

Once we left Pebble Beach we headed for Carmel. Now I have memories of Carmel from when I was 17 and took a trip through it with one of the great loves of my life, Paul. We had gone on a surfing trip and stopped here for a bit of sightseeing. But I was only 17 and new to the whole traveling thing so this was a big stop for me.

I LOVE Carmel. It is simply one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. Clean, unique and alluring.

Carmel, CA

And then the ultimate. The Cheese Shop! Heaven. There is just no other explanation for it!!!

Years ago Marylou Henner wrote a book about the evils of ANY dairy. She claimed that if one was to never ever have ANY dairy that person would never have any cellulite. That includes butter, cheese of any kind, sour cream……

I say to that, “Why live”?!?

I have rarely been so enthralled as I was in The Cheese Shop of Carmel. Kent, the owner and our personal taster and explainer of all things cheese, gave me a brochure with ALL the cheese offerings and as I tasted I wrote notes next to each offering. My loves, likes, and bestests! Smiley faces, giggle faces, and big hearts.

Kent was unrelenting in explaining all the nuances of this vast variety of cheese. We then found out we had a commonality in East Tennessee. He has done many programs at the renowned Blackberry Farms. I know and love Blackberry Farms as a patron. We were solidified as friends!

Triple Creme anything cheese is my favorite. But, I also found a lot of cheese I’ve never tried. Loved them too!!!

Carmel Cheese Shoppe

After my day with Celeste. I just went to the ocean, museums, and the streets to see and feel the area of Monterey. I can see this being my life.


Me COOKING at the Hostel Monterey

After sightseeing each day I went back to the hostel and ate delicious meals with the staff and even cooked potato soup from scratch by my self one night. Go Me.

My next post will be about spending time with my family that I had not seen in 20 years or more in Northern California…




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