Feels Like Home Again…My week in Huntington Beach…

My week in Huntington Beach…

I was derailed from a farm that I was going to work next in Ventura. The details are not important, but I missed a ride I was being given and there were many WWOOFers on the waiting list. So when I didn’t get there in time I had lost my place.
I was really upset, but it sure ended up working out for the best.

One of the places I have not been able to visit is Huntington Beach. The place that I have spent so much of my late teens and early twenties. I consider myself from HB. I met my first husband here and had my son here. I am so happy that I got to spend an unexpected week here.I am staying here till this upcoming Thursday, which means I got to spend the 4th of July weekend.

The day after I got here I spent a bit of time walking around and then went to relax at the library. Once Melina got off work she picked up her daughter and they came to get me at the library. From there we went to Cronic Taco in HB by Main Street in downtown.  As good as the one in NB (I was very disappointed in the one in Mission Viejo). The biggest one I’ve been to with a pool table and beer. Food was as delicious as ever. MMMMMMMMMM

The next day we went to the Huntington Beach Library. So awesome! Huge and full of everything. Huge used book sale area with dirt cheap books. I bought several to send to Marley. I took pictures of

Huntington Beach, CA

all kinds of art and statues. There is an entire area of local artist’s work. They have a room for classes including yoga and dance classes and downstairs (there are several levels) they have movie nights. On the outside of the library they have a park and also a mud lake open to use in the month of August. Crazy beautiful.

On the way to the library we went to lunch at a euphemistically referred to roach coach. I haven’t eaten at one in over 20 years. They have the best food. Two tacos for a $1. Delicious tacos. We got four for each one of us and took them to the car to eat. Fun and so yummy.

On Friday nite we took a trip up the road to Seal Beach. A tiny area btwn Huntington Beach and Long Beach. I enjoy it there so much. We went to a locals bar called Mother’s. Had a beer and listened to good music. Lots of happy and friendly people. Great time.

Huntington Beach City Library

Me being a good samaritan

But before we went to Mother’s we had to pick up Melina’s dog from the Vet Hospital where it had been spade. So as we are driving there with Sierra in the back we had to take a left and the car in front was broke down in the turn lane. So we pulled up beside them and I asked if they wanted me to steer so all three could push. They agreed so I jumped out of our car and into theirs. Made a U-turn and found a drive way right away. I thought that Melina and Sierra had just put on their emergencies and were waiting for me. So I was running forward across a busy intersection while looking and waving backwards. When I go to the left hand turn lane and got it I was quickly made aware that it was NOT Sierra and Melina. The guy screamed, I screamed! I look over and the guy who couldn’t speak English was on the ground laughing and saying “loca loca”.

I had been left behind. LOL…The guy I had helped was so upset thinking she would not come back for me. I had no phone or phone number AND I didn’t know what city I was currently in. He almost had a seizure when I asked him what city it was. Finally about 45 minutes later Melina and Sierra made their way back. There was no place to really turn around so they just went on and picked up the dog before coming back to get me. Once they did we pulled in to say goodbye to my new friends and to take this picture above. Fun Fun.

Next post…my visit to the best ever sushi bar, Kiku resturant….

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