Memorial Day in Manhattan Beach…

Playing in Manhattan Beach

I had such a fun memorial day weekend at my Manhattan beach couch surfing hosts. They live right off the ocean. So amazing. Their home is so awesome. Because everyone has to build up it is like an upside down house. You enter through the garage or side yard and go straight to stairs going up. The first floor reached is the bedrooms. My host, Lynn – who was kind enough to pick me up at the place I had been surfing, told me to use her daughter’s bedroom. The bedroom had its own balcony with a winding staircase. Such a comfortable and inviting room.

After I had dropped off my bags I joined Lynn and her husband on the top floor, which is the kitchen and living room. A balcony looking out to the beach off the living room and a wonderful seating area off the kitchen. Their home is such a comfortable and cool place. They, including their grown children, are extremely well-traveled so there are such great artifacts from all over the world. It was a dream. I loved sitting outside on the porch while playing on the computer, listening to the waves crashing and dreaming!! A few hours after I got there they took me with them to a Memorial Day party. So crazy. I have rarely been in such wealthy places. I was a bit awestruck. Food was delicious and the company so nice. Children everywhere enjoying the holiday with us. I did get a stripper pole lesson in the owner, of the party house’s, bedroom. Harder than it looks!

On the way home I played a bit of a “Lookie Lu” in the homes. We went by Hanna Barbera’s home. It is being sold. He died a couple of years ago and his inheritors are selling. Sad actually but very cool to see. This was only one of the many interesting homes. There is one that you can tell has owners straight from Italy. Almost looks like a mausoleum. The gardens are another amazing thing in this area. No real yard room but tons of plants and garden art. They are so adept at using the space they have in such lovely ways.

It was a fun walk on the beach the few blocks to get to the party and we took their service dogs. Lynn not only trains service dogs she also teaches surfing. This is a Renisannce woman for sure. She took me on several walks around Manhattan Beach while I was there and she knew everyone. Was kind enough to make sure I met them all and told them who I was. She is very active in community projects and was a great source of inside tidbits. Lots of fun.

Great Farmer's Market in Manhattan Beach

On the way to the train station we stopped at the Farmer’s Market. I was AMAZED!!! Best one I’ve been to since Europe. WOW!!! And every few stands get together with each other and have a “sample” table of their product. SMART! One taste of the foods and you are hooked. So delicious and all so colorful. Fresh caught fish…everything! The stipulation to having a booth in this market is it has to be locally produced and the proprietor cannot have stores outside of the area even if they also have one in Manhattan Beach.

I was a bit sad to leave this home. It was just a dream for me. Next I couch surfed at my new friend’s home in Costa Mesa…

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