First “Job” in California….

So, my first work for room and board job came as a surprised. An awesome surprise, but a surprise none the less.

I was stuck with some heavy luggage at the hostel on my last day there. A ride that I had arranged before leaving Knoxville fell through.  It was an unsafe situation and as I’ve promised everyone that cares about me I will NOT stay in a place I feel unsafe.

So I was looking for a direct train to Long Beach and was having some problems figuring out all the train and bus lines. When my guardian angel for the day came into the game room at the hostel.

We had met the day before while watching the Kardashians in the game room. He is the carpenter at the Hostel and just an all around nice guy. He offered me a ride with the understanding that he had a few stops to make first.

As it happens he works on plays for the Culver City School System. Which is where my mom and most of my family went to school. First stop was to the metal shop where the stage was being built. Such a fun place with a couple of hysterical Korean men and a Mexican craftsman. I had a blast there and they were tickled by me. All good.

Next stop was the San Gabriel Playhouse. I have always heard so many cool things about this place, but had never been there.

AWESOME, majestic, old world, beautiful….we were returning some old chairs and pieces borrowed for another production and got a chance to see the rehearsal of a cool stage companies end of the school year production. Those kids were amazing!

The furniture fit perfectly on top of my head…..

My first job in Cali

We finished way late and he generously offered me to couchsurf for the night, and longer if I needed, at his place. He then took me to the pastrami place I mentioned in the last post. Soooooooooooo good. Words cannot express how much I liked that place. Many people saw my leftover bags from there the next few days and all said, “you went to the best place”.

I am glad I met Brian. Can’t wait to go see one of his plays. Thank you Brian for your generous and kind soul.

Next my childhood home. The good, the bad and the very ugly….

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1 Response to First “Job” in California….

  1. Paula Hatch says:

    Hi Stacy, Several years ago, I decided to drive past my childhood home in Bellflower. If you remember, I lived on Alondra Blvd., right next door to a liquor store and appliance place. As I drove past, I was confused at first because I could not find my house. Then I realized that they had torn down my house and put up apartments where it used to be! I felt like a piece of my childhood had been ripped apart! For some reason it still brings tears to my eyes in retelling of the story. I have a lot of happy childhood memories, but most of those are centered around my friends. I did not particularly have a happy childhood home…. and I wonder if that is part of my devastation – the taking of my house is so final, I can never in some strange way, go back (in my own mind) and fix any regrets I have. Does that make sense? I wanted to see the house that was my home and its gone. All I have left are the memories, some good, some not so good. But life goes on. Can’t wait to read about your reactions to your childhood home!


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