A couple of years ago my friend, Jen, shared with me her theory on life. She believes that life is a series of spirals. A person’s choices determine if the spiral is an upward or a downward spiral?

An upward spiral produces a positive reaction.  As opposed to a downward spiral which plays off negative reactions. The Butterfly Effect.

The choice of how each situation is  thought of, dealt with, and remembered is up to each person. We each determine how we are going to react to any given situation. But all the actions have reactions to others and to self.

With this said. I have adapted her thoughts and ideas into my own. I love the idea of having such a mental picture of a colorful spiral moving upward and outward for all the events, tribulations, adventures and life experiences I face in my life. To hope that with positive actions on my part someone might also benefit.

I get to travel a great deal in the next several months, but I also get to be part of an organization that is bigger than my small world. To help give back to others and to the earth. I am so excited and hope I can give MORE than I take.

I want my actions to have positive reactions. For myself and those around me. I strive to live the best life I can live. To enjoy all that I can and to do no harm while living the rest of my life. It might not always be the way I want, but I hope to always give the most that I can with the best results I have the ability to give.

About Barefoot Lovey's Traveloge

A bit addicted to experiences! Loving life. Living free and happy!!!
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